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At The Haven Coffeehouse, we endeavor to provide an inviting atmosphere where you can enjoy our fresh in-house roasted coffee along with delectable bites to eat. Our sincere goal is to make our community a better place by how we approach our craft in addition to providing a platform to serve others, from the gathering of the seed to your enjoyment of the cup.

More About Us

Jim, once a smokejumper for the Federal Government, and Jessie, once a personal trainer, left these exciting careers because they love people and coffee and how it brings people together.  An unseen hand guided Jim to intern under Mike Roberts, a master roaster for Crossroads Cafe in Panajachel, Guatemala, so that they could join these 3 loves. Mike introduced Jim to Guatemalan coffee farmers that educated him on how the coffee bean is grown, harvested and dried. He also learned that the mountain basins of Guatemala are the secret behind the Guatemalan bean’s ability to produce the world’s finest and most distinctive coffees.  They educated him on the vigorous roasting process that ensures the bean never wavers to develop complex flavors while at the same time, bring out delicate clarity.

After many years of enjoying Jim’s amazing coffee, Jessie’s nurturing and giving heart, made her realize that Jim’s coffee was too amazing to keep to themselves!  Through their immense love for the Guatemalan coffee farmers, they made the decision to return this love of roasting to sow into the Guatemalan farmers’ economy, their ministries and their hometown by sharing what they learned and Jim’s amazing coffee.  Jim and Jessie now work harmoniously side by side raising their 2 amazing kids while perfecting a cup of coffee together.  Jim traded in his parachute to happily pastor a local church.    

Lexington's Only Locally Owned Coffee Shop

Locally Roasted. Locally Owned. Locally Enjoyed.

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